cover image Scaredy Squirrel at Night

Scaredy Squirrel at Night

Melanie Watt, Author, Melanie Watt, Illustrator . Kids Can $16

Confronting his phobias one step at a time, Scaredy Squirrel, in his fourth adventure, “never sleeps” because he is so worried that he might have bad dreams about any number of creatures, which include dragons, fairies, ghosts, unicorns, vampire bats and “polka-dot monsters.” Suffering from sleep deprivation, Scaredy decides it's time to confront his fears. Though armed with an arsenal of supplies, among them “cupcakes” and “safety cones,” his “Bad Dream Action Plan” has unexpected results. Scaredy, with his oversized head and wide set of pearly whites, continues to radiate personality. Ages 4–8. (Apr.)