cover image Art of the Matrix

Art of the Matrix

Larry Wachowski, Larry, Andy Wachowski. Newmarket Press, $60 (488pp) ISBN 978-1-55704-405-1

""The corner has been turned, where the impossible becomes possible,"" writes film editor Zach Staenberg in his introduction to the high-octane science fiction sensation that captured four Oscars less than a year ago. Illustrating the arduous production process, this hefty tribute showcases everything from Steve and Andy Wachowski's original stick figure sketches to the conceptual designs and dynamic, scene-by-scene storyboards (drawn and commented on by Geof Darrow, Steve Skroce and Tani Kunitake) that convinced Warner Bros. to green-light the project. Although some stunts, like Trinity's dive into a window from the top of a moving El train, were aborted because of safety and budgetary concerns, the movie closely mirrors the seamless narrative of the storyboards. In addition to the visuals, this comprehensive volume includes a final draft of the shooting script as well as scene notes and deleted script excerpts provided by Phil Oosterhouse, assistant to the Wachowski brothers. One cut that fans will find of particular interest occurs in the first scene. What was initially a segment addressing the consequences of leaving the Matrix and everyone in it is replaced by Trinity's thrilling introduction and narrow escape. The final pages will whet the appetites of Matrix enthusiasts further with an offering of several full-color promotional film shots and an enthusiastic afterword by renowned SF author William Gibson. As the first and only movie companion licensed by the Wachowski brothers, this pictorial feast is a must-have for SF fans and Matrix loyalists this gift-giving season. (Dec.)