cover image Work, Sister, Work

Work, Sister, Work

Unknown, Cydney Shields, Sheilds. Citadel Press, $19.95 (287pp) ISBN 978-1-55972-147-9

Two biological sisters here present success strategies specifically tailored to the needs of the more than six million black women in the workforce. Tackling perceived as well as real stumbling blocks, major and minor, the authors fashion a melange of testimonies from successful black women, along with tips for bettering communication skills, promoting a good image and dealing with corporate politics. Supportive but stern, the Shieldses discuss not only the special problems challenging black women, but how black women often compound these problems by their responses. Although some may take issue with their straight talk--for example, the authors advise black women not to form a clique on the job if it might hurt their careers--this chatty, comprehensive source book will empower many. Cydney Shields is the coauthor of Career Decisions ; Leslie C. Shields teaches career planning at Howard University. (Feb.)