cover image Counting 1-10

Counting 1-10

Unknown, Books Buster, Michael O'Mara Books UK. Michael O'Mara Books, $5.95 (10pp) ISBN 978-1-904613-03-9

Two spiral-bound board books with split pages help children learn to read and count. Flip Me! Spelling: Three-Letter Words divides words and illustrations of familiar animals and objects into three panels. Each panel has one letter and 13 of the picture. Children can rearrange the panels to complete the word and picture or create their own funny combinations. Colorful borders provide a clue to matching the pages correctly. Counting 1-10 has pages divided into two panels, which kids can rearrange to match. One side has photographs of objects to count, along with words identifying the number and name of the object; the other side shows the numerals from 1-10. (Sept.)