cover image Drugs in America: The Case for Victory

Drugs in America: The Case for Victory

Vincent Bugliosi / Author, Michael Fisher / Author Knightsbrid

California trial lawyer Bugliosi calls for ``completely new, revolutionary, and draconian measures'' to end the drug epidemic. His detailed plan outlines a two-pronged attack: first, launch an overseas U.S. military mission to find, arrest, prosecute and jail Colombia's cocaine kingpins; second, eliminate money-laundering of drug profits, which will deal a disabling blow to traffickers in the U.S. Among the tactics he advocates to stop laundering are placing undercover IRS agents in banks and establishing two separate U.S. currencies, one having value only within the country. While not unequivocally recommending decriminalization, Bugliosi outlines a tentative plan for the legalization of drugs on a trial basis. A ringing call to action, this controversial manifesto should stir wide debate. Author tour. (July)