cover image Star Signs: A Child's Guide to Astrology

Star Signs: A Child's Guide to Astrology

Emily Bolam, Caroline Ness. Turner Publications Inc, $12.95 (1pp) ISBN 978-1-57036-011-4

With language as vivid as its richly hued artwork, this winsome book introduces the signs of the zodiac. Ness forgoes in-depth explanations of the meanings of ruling planets and their associations with the elements of fire, air, earth or water, offering instead succinct yet imaginative descriptions of the general personality traits that allegedly accompany each of the 12 signs. Of those born under what she terms the sign of ``The Dynamic Duo,'' she writes: ``Geminis do not like to feel trapped, so they dance their way out of trouble with energy and style. Geminis are smart and creative and will usually land on their feet.'' Bolam's luminous, full-spread paintings are lighthearted and inventive, featuring images high in kid appeal: Cancer is represented by a mother crab and three babies alongside a picnic spread on a moonlit beach; Libra, characterized by balance and harmony, is shown as two youngsters on a seesaw, a dove perched between them. Together, Ness and Bolam bring the signs of the zodiac, well, down to earth. All ages. (Aug.)