cover image The Folks 2

The Folks 2

Ray Garton, . . Cemetery Dance, $35 (155pp) ISBN 978-1-58767-143-2

In this surprisingly light, almost sentimental sequel to Garton's freak fest, The Folks (2001), Andy Sayer, who used to look like "the Phantom of the Opera without his mask," now looks pretty good after plastic surgery, though there's something not quite right about his face. For five years, Andy has been living with the peculiar Bollinger family in Mount Crag. He still has sex with Amanda Bollinger, with her exciting genital deformity, but he has fallen for Roxanne, the normal girl who works at the local bowling alley's snack bar. Andy worries what Amanda will do if she finds out. That's easy. She calls on Dexter, who's all mouth and teeth, with an appetite for animals and people. Garton fans will be in horror heaven. (Dec.)