cover image Agnes Quill: An Anthology of Mystery

Agnes Quill: An Anthology of Mystery

Dave Roman, and Various. . Slave Labor Graphics, $10.95 (130pp) ISBN 978-1-59362-052-3

Agnes Quill is an odd girl. At the age of 16 she inherits not only her grandfather's estate but his unique ability to speak to the dead. Now all the ghosts in the gothic town of Legerdemain are finding their way to her door—some want a favor, some want revenge, some just want company or a little adventure. In this first anthology of Roman's Web comic, Agnes faces grave robbers, zombies, mad scientists and a few even more bizarre denizens of the underworld. Each story is illustrated by a different artist, giving the anthology a disjointed feel. Ho's craggy lines make the first story undeniably horror; Telgemeier's round and cartoony drawings are more YA. Each artist brings something different to Agnes, but through all of them she is an undeniably charming heroine. An appendix at the end of the anthology hints at a deeper mythology that Roman will hopefully have the chance to explore further in future collections. (Oct.)