cover image Doubtful Canon

Doubtful Canon

Johnny D. Boggs / Author Five Star (ME) $25.95 (212p) ISBN 978

The latest from Spur Award winner Boggs follows the terrific Northfield, and is loosely based on an 1861 incident of massacre and lost treasure in New Mexico. In 1881, three bored 12-year-old kids, Jack Dunivan, Jasmine Allison and Ian Spencer Henry, are eager for adventure and escape from their dull mining town of Shakespeare, New Mexico. They meet a frightening albino gunman named Whitey Grey who tells them a fantastic story of an Apache stagecoach ambush 20 years earlier that left lost treasure he needs help recovering. The kids sign on with the vicious old coot to get the loot, and dramatic arrivals ensue: two vicious gunfighters, one pretty young lady and a bloody-minded Apache war party. Greed dominates everyone's actions, but fancy gunplay, clever deception and the three smart, resourceful kids keep this tricky, fast-paced horse opera alive with expectation. Boggs's quirky western doesn't take itself too seriously, making this a fanciful and fun ride into some dangerous business.