cover image PITCH LIKE A GIRL: How a Woman Can Be Herself and Still Succeed

PITCH LIKE A GIRL: How a Woman Can Be Herself and Still Succeed

Gayle Forman, . . Rodale, $23.95 (325pp) ISBN 978-1-59486-037-9

Despite a title that draws on an insult and a simplistic premise—that there are "pink" and "blue" styles of self-presentation—Lichtenberg's latest contribution to fem-biz lit offers an intellectually and emotionally challenging prescription. The "pitch" in question involves "using your influence, skills and powers of persuasion to gain support and to get people to do what you want them to do," and her method for learning to pitch comes complete with self-diagnostic exercises and the usual instructive anecdotes. Lichtenberg's woman must know who she is and what she wants, identify helpers and obstacles, unlearn self-defeating behaviors and learn to create a "Me, Inc. Mindset." Her strategies range from "visioning" personal goals to figuring out how to "dress for the client." Women, Lichtenberg says, consistently undervalue themselves in real dollars, and she offers concrete tips for salary negotiations. Throughout, Lichtenberg offers encouragement and empathy, and anecdotes from her transition from corporate life to writing (and leading seminars). For those who can't quite believe in themselves, "I'm a big believer in faking it." The results are flexible enough to be applied to a variety of situations and specific enough (including how to choose PowerPoint colors) to feel directed—and empowering. Agent, Brian DeFiore. 6-city author tour. (Jan.)