cover image Doughnuts and Doom

Doughnuts and Doom

Balazs Lorinczi. Top Shelf, $14.99 paper (136p) ISBN 978-1-60309-513-6

When Margot, a teenage witch with performance anxiety, fails her spell licensing exam for the third time, she flies off to Midnight Froth Doughnuts to drown her sorrows in chocolate. There, she meets and immediately clashes with Elena, a human musician struggling to find a following while working a day job at the doughnut shop. After the girls’ blowout argument, Margot accidentally curses a doughnut that Elena subsequently eats. That evening, when Margot learns the curse has caused a disaster at Elena’s gig, she feels guilty and tracks Elena down to deliver an antidote. Once the girls reconcile their initial animosity, they begin spending time together, quickly but naturally developing a romantic relationship as Elena’s next show and Margot’s next exam approach. Lorinczi uses simple paneling, thin black line art, and varying blue hues paired with splashes of bubblegum pink to strike a lighthearted, low-conflict tone. The characters’ genuine chemistry and uplifting, mutual appreciation and support for one another capably epitomize healthy teen relationships. This fast-paced enemies-to-lovers romance, filled with magic, music, and pastries, is an upbeat confection. Characters cue as white. Ages 13–17. (Sept.)