cover image Wolfpitch


Balazs Lorinczi. Top Shelf, $19.99 paper (192p) ISBN 978-1-603-09539-6

A bass-playing werewolf with a temper, a milkshake-loving ghost keyboardist, and a disgruntled human drummer team up to compete in a musical tournament in this spectral Josie and the Pussycats–leaning graphic novel romp by Lorinczi (Doughnuts and Doom). Despite her untimely death, Geraldine still books nightly gigs playing her keyboard at a local café. But Battle of the Bands rules state that Geraldine’s nonliving status means she can’t go solo. So, when bassist Izzy gets booted from her band the Iguanoids, she and Geraldine team up to form Wolfpitch. After a confrontation between Izzy and Iguanoids drummer Delilah ends with Delilah also getting fired, desperate times call for desperate measures and Delilah becomes Wolfpitch’s drummer. The trio struggle to form a cohesive unit, until Izzy and Delilah’s feud gives way to romance. With Wolfpitch in harmony and a threat to the Iguanoids, Izzy and Delilah’s former bandmates resort to nasty tricks to take them down. A pastel color palette and thin line art feel somewhat out of sync with the characters’ electric chemistry and leap-off-the-page personalities. Characters are portrayed with varying skin tones. Ages 13–17. (June)