cover image In the Eye of the Storm: Jesus Knows How You Feel

In the Eye of the Storm: Jesus Knows How You Feel

Max Lucado, read by Ben Holland. Oasis Audio, unabridged, four CDs, 4 hrs., $19.99 ISBN 978-1-61375-211-1

God might often seem distant, particularly in times of worldly turmoil. But Lucado—author and preacher at Oak Hills Church in Texas—asserts that God is with us even at our worst moments. Lucado divides his book into three sections—Stress of Demands, Storms of Doubt, and Sting of Failure—and uses scriptural anecdotes to demonstrate how God—even when He seems to be absent—is in fact present. Most notably, Lucado recounts one of the most stressful days in Jesus Christ’s life to illustrate ways in which one can overcome even the deepest adversities. Narrator Ben Holland’s cheerful folksiness helps drive home Lucado’s lessons. In the Eye of the Storm was clearly written to inspire a readership whose faith is occasionally tested by the trials of the real world. Holland’s performance has a calming influence—his voice soothes like a balm. And though he is not the author of the text, he exudes an authenticity and a quiet faith in the belief that all hardships can be overcome. A Thomas Nelson paperback. (Aug.)