cover image The Answer!

The Answer!

Dennis Hopeless and Mike Norton. Dark Horse, $12.99 trade paper (96p) ISBN 978-1-61655-197-1

Librarian Devin MacKenzie solves one puzzle too many and draws the attention of the Brain Trust. With armed soldiers pursuing, her only ally is the mysterious Answer, a costumed lunatic with a prodigious capacity to sustain injuries. Despite his name, he proves long on orders and short on concise answers. As Devin tries to dodge her hunters, she is left to wonder why an obscure librarian, of all people, would be worth so much attention, and whether she is trusting the right people. Norton’s art recalls classic workmanlike superhero artists like Romita and Kane, providing straightforward illustration. The story itself, while admittedly only an introduction, is weaker; the chase scenes are repetitious and in spite of Devin’s alleged genius, she seems to trust everyone she speaks to. It also takes her a surprisingly long time to take action rather than merely being a passive observer. Future volumes may prove more engrossing than this first installment. (Oct.)