cover image Lost Canyon

Lost Canyon

Nina Revoyr. Akashic, $26.95 (320p) ISBN 978-1-61775-353-4

When four city-bred Los Angeles yuppies go backpacking in the rugged wilderness of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, their trip turns out to be a nightmare of bad decisions and even worse luck. Revoyr’s (Wingshooters) novel is a suspenseful adventure story that explores how people react to danger, uncertainty, fear, and life-or-death choices. Tracy, an aggressive fitness trainer and risk-taking hiking guide, organizes the easy 30-mile hike with three of her clients (who don’t know one another). There is Gwen, a counselor of at-risk kids in South L.A.; Oscar, a disgruntled real estate salesman with judgment issues; and Todd, a burned-out lawyer in an unhappy marriage. Tracy is the expert—the others are novices, and their naïve bravado and macho bluster has grave consequences. A forestry glitch changes their hiking route, forcing them to a remote, little-used trail to Lost Canyon. The trek is more arduous than expected and becomes more and more dangerous, culminating in a fateful decision and desperate measures. This is an exciting, page-turning adventure story that reveals how good people can do things totally contrary to their own moral code, and the conclusion will both surprise and satisfy. (Aug.)