cover image How Not to Summon Your True Love

How Not to Summon Your True Love

Sasha Miller. Less Than Three, $4.99 e-book (125p) ISBN 978-1-62004-727-9

A lovelorn student finds his soul mate, as well as magical abilities he never knew he had, in this unconvincing paranormal romance from Miller (Dragon Scales). Pennsylvania college student Cyril Rogers is dumped by his boyfriend and fears he'll never find a partner who will accept his asexuality. On a whim, he casts a spell to summon his true love, and a guy named Dig appears in his dorm room. While he's driving Dig back to his job in Idaho, the appearance of suspicious SUVs on their tail reveals that Dig isn't the only one who's interested in Cy's newfound magical talents. It turns out there are "witch" families ruling different parts of the U.S., and they'd all like to claim Cy as a member. Dig and Cy's road trip is a dull blur of discussion about magical politics, convenience store breaks, and stops at state police stations to fill out magical paperwork as they cross each state line. This low-key paranormal romance contains too little of either love or magic to hold the reader's interest. (Mar.)