cover image MPH


Mark Millar and Duncan Fegredo. Image, $14.99 trade paper (136p) ISBN 978-1-63215-265-7

In the dying husk of contemporary Detroit, young drug mule Roscoe's dreams of a better life for himself and his girlfriend are derailed when he lands in prison. But a twist of fate provides Roscoe with the street drug "MPH," pills that grant the user the gift of super-speed and ancillary abilities. Now too fast to be perceived by the naked eye (unless he wants to be), Roscoe literally walks out of jail, hooks his friends up with MPH, and embarks upon a spectacular series of high-stakes bank robberies aimed at the nation's super-wealthy. Though the gang becomes popular with the general public, internal tensions and a dwindling supply of the drug that fuels their powers threaten to unravel the gang's plans. Writer Millar, whose earlier Kick-Ass and The Secret Service both yielded popular big-screen adaptations, scores once again with this super-anti-hero wish fulfillment fantasy set amid economic inequity and urban decay, with artist Fegredo (Chasing Dogma) invaluably bolstering the script with stunningly realistic illustrations. Though reading like a movie treatment, this is fast-paced, quality entertainment. (May)