cover image Tokyo Ghost, Vol. 1: The Atomic Garden

Tokyo Ghost, Vol. 1: The Atomic Garden

Rick Remender, Sean Gordon Murphy, and Matt Hollingsworth. Image, $9.99 trade paper (136p) ISBN 978-1-63215-663-1

A stellar creative team seamlessly produces a work that's both breakneck and beautiful. In the Tokyo Ghost future, humans are mired in technological addiction, too busy consuming vapid entertainment directly through their optic nerves to notice when a homicidal millennial nostalgia buff named Davey Trauma goes on another murder spree. Enter Constable Led Dent%E2%80%94himself a hard-core addict%E2%80%94and his (life) partner, Debbie Decay, the only tech-free woman in all the Isles of Los Angeles. Remender (Low) and artist Murphy (Chrononauts) take Dent and Decay through a horror ride of dystopian nightmares as Trauma takes his brain-hijacking abilities to Tokyo%E2%80%94a bastion of nature protected by an EMP field%E2%80%94to plunder its resources for the myopic Flak Corporation. Murphy's sketchy yet detailed art and Hollingsworth's furious colors evoke a loopy, frenetic future, and Remender repeatedly doubles down on a chilling story that gets to the heart of addiction and codependency. (Mar.)