cover image The Song Rising

The Song Rising

Samantha Shannon. Bloomsbury, $26 (384p) ISBN 978-1-63286-624-0

The third entry in the epic Bone Season paranormal near-future series picks up where 2015’s The Mime Order left off, with dreamwalker Paige Mahoney taking her place as the underqueen of London’s clairvoyant community. With the totalitarian forces of Scion increasing their choke hold on their territories and seeking to expand their reach, Paige has to rally her people, taking the fight to Scion before it’s too late. But first they have to destroy the Senshield, the enigmatic technology capable of exposing the voyants wherever they are. Paige’s journey takes her across an increasingly dangerous Britain, where she’s forced to rely on unlikely allies, and into the heart of Scion’s strongholds, where she confronts an enemy that’s able to predict her every move. Shannon’s exploration of a futuristic, perilous Europe remains engaging and evocative, especially with the depiction of the so-called Unnatural Assembly and its tradition of catchy, almost folkloric nicknames. The narrative is fueled by a constant sense of tension, as well as both internal and external conflict, but some of the mythology related to the otherworldly Rephaim remains hard to grasp, somewhat diminishing the story’s overall strength. Agent: David Godwin, David Godwin Associates. (Mar.)