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Video: Nicola Griffith on 'Hild'
Nicola Griffith is best known for her science fiction novels (Slow River, Ammonite), but she switches gears in her excellent new novel, Hild. It's set in 8th century England and is the life story of a girl named Hild who would go on to become St. Hilda. We caught up with Griffith at BookExpo America 2013 and talked about her inspiration for the novel, how writing it was different than writing science fiction, and which classic writer she just can't stand.

Video: Scott Turow on 'Identical'
Scott Turow's new novel, Identical, features a pair of twins who could not be more different: one's a billionaire, one's fresh out of prison after serving 25 years for murder. We caught up with Turow at BookExpo America 2013 and talked about the inspiration for the book, the corrupting influence of money in politics, and why he's read Saul Bellow's Herzog so many times.

Video: Rick Riordan on 'The House of Hades'
Percy Jackson, the demigod hero of Rick Riordan's bestselling Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, is back in The House of Hades, the latest addition to his Heroes of Olympus spinoff series. But, as Riordan told us when we spoke with him at BookExpo America 2013, big changes are coming: he's going to base the next wave of books on Norse mythology.

Video: Paul Pope on 'Battling Boy'
Paul Pope's graphic novel, Battling Boy, is about the rough coming-of-age of Battling Boy, the pampered 13-year-old son of an ancient war god dispatched to protect the city of Arcopolis from a wave of monster attacks. His weapons? T-shirts. We caught up with Pope at BookExpo America 2013 and talked about the book, his self-publishing roots, and how the comics world has come from being a fringe culture to being a hugely influential piece of the mainstream.

Video: Gene Luen Yang on 'Boxers' and 'Saints' and Contemporary Comic Geeks
Graphic novelist Gene Luen Yang is back with a stunning pair of graphic novels, Boxers and Saints. Set in turn of the 20th century China, the books offer two perspectives of the Boxer Rebellion. We caught up with Yang at BookExpo America 2013 to talk about what inspired him to create the books, and learned about some interesting parallels between the Boxers and contemporary comics fans.

Video: Samantha Shannon on 'The Bone Season' and Her Writer's Tic
Samantha Shannon's debut dystopian fantasy novel, The Bone Season, kicks off a seven-book series that she signed the contract for before finishing college. We caught up with her at BookExpo America 2013 and talked about how she keeps it all straight, how she managed to write while finishing up her studies, and what word she's trying to use less.

Video: Rob Sheffield Talks Karaoke, Love and His New Book
Rob Sheffield, author of the acclaimed Love is a Mix Tape, has a new book out, Turn Around Bright Eyes: The Rituals and Love of Karaoke (It Books). We caught up with Sheffield at BookExpo America 2013 and talked about all things karaoke, including the perils of doing your own rendition of Sinatra at a retirement community.

Video: Colum McCann on 'TransAtlantic'
Colum McCann won the National Book Award in 2009 for Let the Great World Spin. His latest novel, TransAtlantic, is an expansive story that blends fact and fiction to charting several Transatlantic journeys, from Frederick Douglass's in 1845, up to the many crossings of Senator George Mitchell as he helped negotiate the Northern Ireland peace process. We talked with McCann about the book, what inspired him to write it, and the two novels he has sitting in a drawer.

Video: Daniel Handler on Lemony Snicket and 'Who Could That Be At This Hour?'

Bestselling author Daniel Handler talks about his relationship with Lemony Snicket, their shared sense of style, and Who Could That Be at This Hour?, the first book of the All the Wrong Questions series.

Video: Debbie Macomber on Her New Novel, 'The Inn at Rose Harbor'

No. 1 bestselling author Debbie Macomber talks to PW about the importance of listening to readers, and why her novel, The Inn at Rose Harbor, almost didn't happen.

Video: Wimpy Kid Author Jeff Kinney Talks About 'The Third Wheel'

Jeff Kinney talks about The Third Wheel (book 7 in the Wimpy Kid series), the horror of being on-camera, and why he sometimes hides under blankets.