cover image A Star Called Lucky

A Star Called Lucky

Bapsy Jain. Vook, $11.99 trade paper (246p) ISBN 978-1-63295424-4

In this amiable sequel to 2009’s Lucky Everyday, Lucky Boyce—accountant and intuitive sleuth—is yanked from her work for the New York State Department of Corrections (where she teaches yoga to inmates) by powerful and ambitious Clevis Coleman, director of the U.S. Global Wellness Council. With her background knowledge of Mumbai and her expertise with the powerful computer searching tool Bloodhound, Coleman thinks she’s ideally suited to find Lobsang Telok, a London-trained Tibetan doctor who possesses a magic mushroom that can purportedly cure almost anything. Lobsang is believed to be hiding in one of Mumbai’s most notorious slums. Coleman’s means and motives are far from altruistic, and Lucky needs help from some unlikely sources, including teenage neighbor Collette Skyles, PETA activist Usko Tahti, and her Indian friends. Jain’s characters do a lot of musing about life, death, and morality as Lucky decides to do what she must to warn Lobsang in this simplistic novel. [em](BookLife) [/em]