cover image Under a Blue Moon

Under a Blue Moon

Bru Baker. Dreamspinner, $9.99 trade paper (228p) ISBN 978-1-64108-098-9

In this good-hearted but slow sequel to Camp H.O.W.L., Baker delves into the issues of werewolf psychologist Nick Perry. He and human doctor Drew Welch are new staff at Camp H.O.W.L., a posh Midwestern wilderness camp for teenage werewolves. While stranded in Chicago, Nick and Drew spend a sizzling, anonymous night together—not realizing they will meet again as colleagues the next day. Spooked by his unprecedented feelings when again confronted with Drew, Nick tries to deny his attraction, sublimating his desires into fierce protectiveness. Meanwhile, Drew tries to respect Nick’s reticence while losing patience with being perpetually underestimated. The more the two grow to know each other, the more they grow to like each other, and the more Nick’s confusion grows. Only a major twist spurs Nick to accept what the rest of the characters already knew. Turgid emotional processing drags down the middle of an otherwise promising low-conflict romance. (June)