cover image Stealing His Heart

Stealing His Heart

Bru Baker. Dreamspinner, $9.99 mass market (240p) ISBN 978-1-64405-198-6

Baker’s sweet and fast-paced interracial paranormal romance succeeds with a strong focus on family as well as a charming and diverse cast. Danny Cresswell, a werewolf largely estranged from his pack and wealthy, snooty family, has been collecting donated iPads for his charitable foundation, which serves supernatural children in foster care. After a burglar makes off with the iPads, Danny gets help from Max Torres, a bearcat shape-shifter and police detective who lives across the street. It’s love at first scent, with plenty of verbal check-ins as well, and their relationship gets kicked into overdrive when Max pretends to be Danny’s boyfriend in order to placate Danny’s nosy mother with offers of introductions to the mayor, who happens to be Max’s uncle. Baker balances the romance against an important subplot revolving around a supernatural crime ring, tying the two together perfectly. The cultural differences between Max, with a huge and loving Latino shifter clan, and Danny, rejected by his white upper-class parents for focusing on philanthropy and associating with other supernaturals, are present but understated; the focus is on the men’s endearing fondness for each other and the community they serve. Max and Danny’s story will delight paranormal romance fans. (Mar.)