cover image Flash Point

Flash Point

Luna Joya. City Owl, $4.99 e-book (358p) ISBN 978-1-6489-8063-3

Joya sends out her Legacy series (after Heart and Seek) with an enticing fifth paranormal romance that finds the five Donovan sisters working to defeat the demon Nymvyra once and for all. Witch Mina Donovan, who, along with her sisters, is a member of a covert supernatural FBI task force, is thrown when her boss calls in a pyro expert to assist on a case, despite Mina’s own ability to wield fire. More disorienting still, the consultant is Josh, her best friend and secret crush, from whom she’s kept some of her powers secret. Josh, a witch hunter, returns Mina’s affection and is frustrated at having been “friend zoned” but worries that their supernatural incompatibility will keep them apart. As Josh assists the force in determining the origin of Nymvyra’s fire-wielding staff, Mina encounters a ghostly prophet who foretells Mina’s death and the fall of the Senate, the witch governing system. Together, they must work to fight the demon and stop the prophecy, all while grappling with their complicated feelings. The emotional friends-to-lovers romance plays out as a tantalizing tug-of-war between Mina and Josh, while the multilayered suspense plot provides satisfying answers to series-long questions. Readers are sure to be pleased. [em](July) [/em]