cover image Magic Touch

Magic Touch

Luna Joya. City Owl, $15.99 trade paper (365p) ISBN 978-1-94909-087-1

A witch and an FBI agent find love while solving a years-old murder in the wickedly delightful second paranormal romance in Joya’s Legacy series (after Tides of Time). District Attorney Delia Donovan is determined to keep her and her sisters’ identities as witches secret. But when Delia’s sister Mina partners with an FBI task force of paranormal misfits looking into a cold case, Delia reluctantly agrees to join as well in order to protect her sister. Agent Mark Cavan, who is tasked with keeping Delia safe as she uses her magical gifts to investigate, is new to the paranormal world and initially clashes with Delia. Then a powerful warlock gets wind of Delia’s abilities and demands she join his coven or suffer death, and Mark works to protect her. Joya draws out the will-they, won’t-they between her starkly different protagonists as they go from enemies to reluctant partners to lovers. The anticipation is delicious and the eventual romance is well worth the wait. This sexy love story will entice longtime paranormal fans and draw in new readers. (June)