cover image Road Queens

Road Queens

Maryjanice Davidson. Montlake, $16.99 trade paper (334p) ISBN 978-1-66251-035-9

Estranged friends reunite when one falls under suspicion for murder in this zany and page-turning cross between romance and women’s fiction from bestseller Davidson (the Undead series). Bikers Cassandra, Amanda, and Sidney have been best friends since middle school. On Cassandra’s 16th birthday, her mother killed Cassandra’s abusive father to protect her. In the hospital that day, Cassandra dreamt up “Operation Starfish,” a project that would help the victims of domestic abuse by providing them with someone to call who would be there immediately to help them escape. For years, Cassandra, Amanda, and Sidney devoted themselves to Operation Starfish completely—until the day when one of their clients was killed by the husband she’d returned to. In her grief and misplaced guilt, Cassandra fled town and cut contact with her friends. Now five years later, that same man has been murdered—and Cassandra is the prime suspect. Despite lingering tension in their friend group, Cassandra, Amanda, and Sidney come together to prove her innocence—with the help of handsome former detective Sean Beane, who’s drawn to the case because Operation Starfish once helped his own sister. The friendship between the women is believable, revealing a deep history and lots of love, the budding romance is sweet, and Davidson’s prose is as wickedly snark-laced as ever. Fans will be well pleased. (Nov.)