cover image Consort of Fire

Consort of Fire

Kit Rocha. Montlake, $16.99 trade paper (398p) ISBN 978-1-66251-318-3

The bestselling writing duo of Donna Herren and Bree Bridges, writing as Rocha (the Beyond series), launch their Bound to Fire and Steel erotic fantasy series with this steamy and irresistible outing. Every hundred years, the heir to the House of Roquebarre is sent to become the consort of the Dragon, a feared god (one of many) who protects the Roquebarre’s kingdom in exchange for these sacrifices. This centennial, it’s Sachielle who must go to the Dragon’s Keep, together with her handmaid and lover, Zanya. But neither woman is who she says she is—and they’re on a mission to assassinate the Dragon. If they fail to do so within five weeks, then they’ve been cursed to die themselves. The ensuing tale of intrigue, danger, and red-hot romance is told in alternating perspectives between Sachielle, Zanya, and the Dragon himself. By combining life-or-death stakes with off-the-charts eroticism, Rocha keeps the pages flying. The scalding sex scenes drive both plot and character development and incorporate the fantastical worldbuilding in fascinating ways. This is an exciting start to what promises to be a thrilling new series. Agent: Sarah Younger, Nancy Yost Literary. (Nov.)