cover image The Ex-Princess

The Ex-Princess

Fiona West. Tempest and Kite, $12.99 trade paper (348p) ISBN 978-1-73287-740-5

Desert clippers and light rail, magic-powered cellphones, black royalty, and a princess negotiating chronic illness bring both depth and delight to this kind, lighthearted romance. Once upon a time, Princess Abelia Olivia Jayne Venenza Ribaldi Porchenzii renounced matriarchal Brevspor’s throne for an anonymous life working in waste reclamation. Then Abbie learns her engagement contract to Prince Edward of Orangiers is still valid—and to defeat his brother Lincoln’s foreign-backed coup, she must honor it. Resolved to renegotiate her freedom and say goodbye to her ailing father, Abbie sets off through the magic-ridden Unveiled. But duty-driven Edward’s proposal isn’t just a geopolitical stopgap: he loves Abbie, and there might be ways for an ex-princess and a reluctant heir to be happy on both their terms. Final Fantasy fans will relish West’s debut, a vibrant, voraciously readable adventure whose technocratic fantasy world is grounded by a generous understanding of everyday limitations and love. This perfect confection is socially aware, wonderstruck, and unforgettably fun. (BookLife)