cover image Could Be Something Good

Could Be Something Good

Fiona West. Tempest and Kite, $14.99 trade paper (208p) ISBN 978-1-952172-03-8

This cozy series debut from West (The Borderline Chronicles series) invites readers to the charming small town of Timber Falls, Ore. When Daniel Durand returns to his hometown to complete his medical residency at the local hospital, he’s immediately smitten by midwife Winifred Baker. After his unflattering first impression, Winnie rebuffs Daniel’s advances; she’s still raw from the breakup of her long-term relationship with her high school sweetheart, Ethan, and self-conscious about dating a younger man. But they soon bond over their shared love of graphic novels, and after Winnie realizes she may have misjudged Daniel, she asks him to accompany her to a wedding Ethan is also attending. As their feelings deepen, Daniel’s determined to prove his intentions are sincere to Winnie, her mother, and the entirety of Timber Falls if necessary. The low stakes are comforting rather than boring, giving this joyful romance the perfect slice-of-life feel. The endearing cast, sweet love story, and fully realized setting will be more than enough to keep the pages turning. This is small-town romance done right. (Self-published)