cover image The Other

The Other

Ryszard Kapuscinski. Verso, $16.95 (100pp) ISBN 978-1-84467-328-5

Kapuscinski (1932-2007) was for decades Poland's most celebrated foreign correspondent, covering some 50 countries for the Polish Press Agency. Since 1965, he focused especially on major wars and revolutions in the developing world and global South. For Poland, he was a principal source of news about the world beyond their closed society. This collection includes four of his speeches on the concept of the ""Other."" His observations are sobering: ""an encounter with Others is not a simple, automatic thing, but involves will and an effort that not everyone is always ready to undertake."" Kapuscinski's world view is idealistic and pragmatic, making room for historical forces and personal trauma while dealing with the Other in real-world and existential terms A knowing, thought-provoking and hopeful examination of a perennial theme, readers may yet be disappointed that, given his remarkable career, Kapuscinski (Travels with Herodotus) so rarely gets personal.