cover image Robert Creeley & Archie Rand: Drawn & Quartered

Robert Creeley & Archie Rand: Drawn & Quartered

Robert Creeley, Archie Rand. Granary Books, $15.95 (100pp) ISBN 978-1-887123-45-7

Experimenting in the ""fantastic traffic of narratives,"" esteemed poet Robert Creeley (Windows) and artist Archie Rand collaborated on the making of Drawn & Quartered. For one day Creeley, undertook a somewhat improvisational, chance-based writing process, riffing off of Rand's 54 lithographs, one quatrain for each drawing mostly watery figures can be solitary, pressed en masse into a box seat, standing playing a flute, riding a horse, etc. Creeley's accompaniments are by turns silly, sorrowful, exclamatory, enigmatic. All of them use rhyme, often of the slant variety: ""Have you known each other long?/ Long before you were born!/ Have you both been happy in marriage?/ I think it's proven a commodious carriage."" (Oct.)