cover image Spoor


Jeff Hull / Author Subpress $11 (73p) ISBN 978-1-930068-02-5

Beautifully bound in mock 1950s wood veneer, Jeff Hull's Spoor selects from among three larger projects, collects a few stray pieces, presents the long title poem: ""pastoral fearlessness reduced to gleaming object."" A section of ""1995-1996 Ear Inn Introductions"" uses real readers from that legendary New York series (here with names blocked out) as pretexts for staccato torrents of charged poetico-politics: ""If experimentation implies a suitable existent environ and capitulation to capital can be as simple as getting turned on by a person in riot gear, then the fragility of necessity effectively devalues `good intention.' "" Where can one go from there?-""the world before dawn where men drive with their coffee.""