cover image The Best One-Dish Suppers

The Best One-Dish Suppers

The Editors of Cook's Illustrated, Boston Common, $35 (352p) ISBN 978-1-933615-81-3

Keeping in line with America's Test Kitchen recipes, which have been tested to the hilt and are accompanied by a plethora of tips, this volume presents recipes (180 of them, further clarified by 169 illustrations) for supremely simple meals (including many versions of tempting classics) prepared in one cooking vessel. There are dinners that can be made in just a sheet pan, a single pot, a dutch oven, or a slow cooker, plus stews and chilis, casseroles, and stir-frys. Pasta rollups with chicken and goat cheese come with specific noodle suggestions and assembly instructions. In the headnote for classic beef and broccoli with cashews, there's a tip for making flank steak easier to slice, and just below the recipe, an illustration shows how best to prepare broccoli for stir-frying. Chicken and couscous with fennel and orange tells readers which kind of couscous to use, instructs on how to pound chicken breasts, and offers a variation with chickpeas and apricots. If there's a question a reader might have, the editors have usually anticipated it. Given that and the abundance of approachable, tasty, weeknight-friendly recipes, this book could easily become a go-to resource for busy home cooks. (Mar.)