cover image Cook’s Illustrated Meat Book

Cook’s Illustrated Meat Book

The Editors at America’s Test Kitchen. America’s Test Kitchen, $40 (504p) ISBN 978-1-936493-86-9

One would think that with over 50 recipe-packed books on their list that the folks at America’s Test Kitchen has said all that needs to be said about making the perfect meatloaf, burger, and chicken wings. But as they prove here, yet again, one would be wrong. This impressive collection of meaty mains runs the gamut, from basics like the perfect grilled T-bone and barbecued pork spareribs to regional classics like Baltimore pit beef, Philly cheesesteaks, and ethnic favorites cassoulet and Greek pastitsio. There’s plenty of juicy tidbits to be found in the margins as well, helpful tips on how to clean a spice grinder (use raw white rice), tie two pork tenderloins together in order to grill them evenly, and pick the best ketchup (go for Heinz Organic). Those familiar with America’s Test Kitchen’s recipes are likely aware that creating the “best” of anything often takes time; readers are advised to read recipes through a couple times before heading out to the grocery store. That said, carnivores with an obsession for perfection will likely have found their new bible in this comprehensive collection. (Oct.)