cover image Cozy Light, Cozy Night

Cozy Light, Cozy Night

Elisa Kleven. Creston (PGW, dist.), $16.99 (32p) ISBN 978-1-939547-02-6

Moving through the seasons beginning with autumn, Kleven (Glasswings: A Butterfly’s Story) finds cozy moments, objects, and imagery throughout the year. The word “cozy” appears repeatedly in her rhymed verse, and although some uses are literal (“Cozy sweater, cozy pants,/ Banjo music, jump and dance”), many more are figurative (“Cozy moss on tangled roots, cozy sand and swimming suits”), playfully stretching its meaning. (Occasionally, the examples go a bit too far—some readers may puzzle over what makes a cardinal or ballerina puppets evoke “cozy” feelings). The bustling illustrations, rendered in Kleven’s familiar folk-art style, focus on families, which are seen bonding indoors and outside as they enjoy activities that include picking pumpkins, building snowmen, popping popcorn, and making sandcastles. Kleven employs motifs representative of the seasons—falling leaves, swirling snowflakes, blooming flowers, and soaring birds—to add texture and motion to her art. Bountiful details and scenes-within-scenes give readers a wealth of images to spot. A visually rich ode to the snug feeling of safety and togetherness that comes with spending time with family and friends. Ages 3–9. (Oct.)