cover image All for You

All for You

Laura Florand. Laura Florand, $15.99 trade paper (300p) ISBN 978-1-943168-00-2

Florand kicks off her Paris Hearts series, spun off from her Amour et Chocolate series, with a tasty tale of two friends reunited after years apart. Joss abruptly joined the French Foreign Legion, determined to build himself into a better person. Heartbroken by his departure, Célie spent the intervening time becoming one of the city’s best chocolatiers, taking control of her own destiny. When Joss returns five years later, all the old feelings come crashing back. He’s determined to win her back; she’s wary of being hurt again. But in the end, love may just win out. Florand captures the essence of Paris and the tactile sensation of the finest chocolate delights in this captivating romance, but the story itself is so full of passion and emotion that it risks exhausting the reader. Célie and Joss don’t do anything subtly or halfheartedly, from arguing to lovemaking, leaving little room for narrative downtime. Nevertheless, readers will enjoy the sensuality of language and confectioneries, and the emotional journey of the characters. [em](BookLife) [/em]