cover image My Cone and Only

My Cone and Only

Susannah Nix. Haver Street, $16.99 trade paper (358p) ISBN 978-1-950087-09-9

Nix (Elementary Romantic Calculus) launches her King Family series with a love story just as tempting, decadent, and sweet as the ice cream sold by the title family’s nationwide brand. Charming, flirty Wyatt King wants nothing to do with his family’s ice cream empire. Instead, he works as an occasional handyman around Crowder, Tex., setting his own hours and playing in a cover band. His handyman skills come in handy when his best friend’s younger sister, biologist Andie Lockhart, is threatened by her homeowners’ association, who hope to facilitate a shady real estate deal involving her run-down property. Luckily, Wyatt’s on hand to fix things up until the HOA has nothing left to complain about. The arrangement has the pair spending a lot of time together, which is both a blessing and a curse for Wyatt, who’s secretly loved Andie since he was a teenager but has always avoided her out of misplaced loyalty to her brother. But Andie and Wyatt’s mutual mooning was noticed long ago by family and friends, putting their forbidden attraction on thin ice. Andie and Wyatt sizzle with chemistry, and Wyatt’s many brothers and sisters, all of whom deserve love matches of their own, spell good things for the series to come. This is a treat. (Self-published)