cover image Music!


Alain Crozon. Chronicle Books, $7.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-2-02-061210-4

Interactive Learning Concepts and ideas come to light in interactive formats. Two additions to the Who Am/ What Am I series by Alain Crozon once again use three flaps per page to reveal answers to more than 20 thematic riddles. What Am I? Music! Shows close-up illustrations of instruments from the familiar (piano, drums) to exotic (pan pipes). Each appears opposite a rhymed riddle: ""I'm all strings,/ shaped like a V./ It's said the angels/ play on me./ What am I?"" (a lift of the flap shows a mouse playing a harp). In Who Am I? Sports!, more riddles give clues about a variety of athletes, from tennis players to ballerinas to fencers. (Mar.)