cover image Lugar de Ejecucion = A Place of Execution

Lugar de Ejecucion = A Place of Execution

Val McDermid. Rba Libros, $10.99 (586pp) ISBN 978-84-7871-768-2

It's December 1963 and teenage girls all over Britain are swooning to the Beatles' ""I Want to Hold Your Hand."" In the tiny, remote village of Scardale, Derbyshire, 13-year-old Alison Carter is envied by her peers because her stepfather buys her all the latest records. When Alison goes missing one dark night, Dist. Insp. George Bennett takes control of the case, despite being new to the job and the district. Although the police feverishly track down clues and organize searches over the moors, any hope that they'll find the girl fades as the days go by. [A] haunting tale. [Recommended for all Spanish-language mystery collections.] [PW 9/15/00]