cover image Tras la Huella de Cristo = Cross Bones

Tras la Huella de Cristo = Cross Bones

Kathy Reichs. Rba Libros, $11.99 (442pp) ISBN 978-84-9867-139-1

[Anthropologist] Tempe Brenner, stationed in Quebec, is assigned to participate in an autopsy on a Hasidic Jew who was found shot to death in a warehouse closet. At the autopsy, a stranger hands her a photo of an ancient skeleton as an explanation for the victim's death. An investigation suggests that the skeleton may be the remains of an individual who died at Massada, a mountain near Jerusalem where a famous battle between the Zealots and the Romans took place in 73 C.E. Tempe and Detective Andrew Ryan travel to Israel to question the main suspect in the murder investigation, and while there, Tempe meets with a colleague who may have stumbled across the Jesus family tomb. Will Tempe's discovery shake the foundations of the three major world religions? [An] engrossing story follows. Recommended fro all public libraries. [LJ 6/15/05]