cover image Shelter Me: A Shelter Novel

Shelter Me: A Shelter Novel

Stephanie Tyler. Stephanie Tyler, $4.99 e-book (280p) ASIN B01IJL1JTM

Tyler’s disappointing self-published contemporary romance is an amnesia story about a 20-something artist who’s just beginning to make a name for herself. Cathryn Taylor has no memory of her life before the age of 17, when she awoke in a New York hospital. Despite her hinted-at unlucky and unknowable past, she’s taken in by a generous couple and turns to art. She feels as if she is driven to paint the sinister themes that dominate her work, and wonders whether they’re clues to her past. Lower East Side gallery owner Brayden, her friend and benefactor, finds a market for her art. On the eve of her first solo exhibit, a mysterious stranger comes to the gallery and Ryn falls for him. Lucas Caine is as enigmatic as Ryn’s paintings, and his appearance in her life coincides with inexplicable occurrences in her studio. Tyler leaves the romantic story unresolved, but readers will have little reason to continue with this lackluster series. (BookLife)