cover image Savage City

Savage City

L. Penelope. Heartspell, $4.99 e-book (272p) ASIN B09Q282K7K

Bestseller Penelope (Requiem of Silence) launches her Bliss Wars series with a seamless blend of fantasy subgenres, wrenching action, and all-too-human characters. After 23-year-old Talia dies in an accident, she’s transported to a fantastical, post-apocalyptic world populated by powerful shape-shifter factions where she’s mistaken for the lost princess Celena and must play the part in order to survive. Everything in this strange new world feels faintly familiar to her—especially Ryin, a Fai prisoner of war held captive by the ruling Nimali faction as their never-ending battle over the resource known as Bliss rages. For his part, Ryin knows he shouldn’t be so attracted to Princess Celena, the daughter of his sworn enemy, but there’s something about Talia that draws him in—in much the same way they’re both drawn into the political intrigues of their feuding factions. Alternating perspectives between these protagonists, Penelope offers a wonderfully in-depth exploration of their characters, forcing readers to reevaluate the dichotomy of hero and villain. The romance blossoms organically against a background that skillfully mixes high fantasy elements with an urban post-apocalypse. Readers will be eager to see what comes next. (Self-published)