cover image Must Love More Kilts

Must Love More Kilts

Angela Quarles. Unsealed Room, $4.99 e-book (202p) ASIN B0753G6P2Q

Quarles returns to late-17th-century Scotland in the hot and sexy fourth Must Love time travel romance (after Must Love Kilts). Fiona Campbell, a determined and forthright woman, has travelled back in time to the late 1600s, and thinks that she is destined to fulfill the family legend about a woman named Fiona who saved her ancestor, William Campbell, from a MacCowan warrior bearing a crescent-shaped scar above a Celtic knot on his chest. But Duncan MacCowan, the man she must protect William from, is also her newly handfasted partner. As Fiona and Duncan travel with MacLeod warriors to Dunvegan Castle, the sizzling attraction between them becomes impossible to ignore, and they explore the possibility of making their handfasting into a true marriage. Fiona tries to reconcile her desire to be with Duncan with her duty to her family legend, and Duncan begins to open his heart to the possibility of love. With just the right amount of period detail, scorching sensuality, and a strong, independent heroine, Quarles’s latest brings historical Scotland to life. (BookLife)