cover image There Before the Chaos: The Farian War, Book 1

There Before the Chaos: The Farian War, Book 1

K.B. Wagers. Orbit, $15.99 trade paper (480p) ISBN 978-0-316-41121-9

Wagers opens a sequel series to the Indranan War trilogy without missing a beat. Hailimi “Hail” Bristol, an Indranan princess turned selectively ruthless gunrunner, was forced to take her empire’s throne after conspirators murdered her family. She saved the empire, but now a war between Indrana’s centuries-long allies, the Farians, who can heal or kill with a touch, and the Farians’ ancient enemy, the Shen, threatens to spill over to all of humankind, with disastrous consequences. As events careen toward a cataclysm, Hail is as sharp-edged and dark-humored as ever, growing in compassion while still engrossingly dangerous to her enemies. Wagers achieves a rare balance of action (most of which takes place late in the book), tension, and quiet moments, keeping pages turning while deepening the portraits of Hail and the friends and foes around her. Fans of the original trilogy will welcome Hail’s return, and any space opera reader can easily jump in here. Agent: Andrew Zack, Zack Company. (Oct.)