The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know about Your Baby -- From Birth to Age Two

Martha Sears, Author, William Sears, Author, Martha Sears, Joint Author Little Brown and Company $21.99 (784p) ISBN 978-0-316-77800-8

William and Martha Sears, a pediatrician and a registered nurse respectively, team up with two of their doctor sons to update their 1993 guide to""attachment parenting."" Advocating a""high-touch style of parenting to balance the high-tech life of the new millennium,"" the authors teach new parents how to bond with their babies through seven fundamental behaviors, including breastfeeding,""babywearing"" and setting proper boundaries. When parents keep close to their babies by bringing them into bed at night and picking them up when they cry, the infants develop better, the authors argue; rather than becoming spoiled, they become more healthy and independent. From tips for a healthy birth, getting your baby to sleep and feeding him the""right fats,"" to information about early health concerns, the major steps in infant development and troublesome but typical toddler behavior, the authors of this comprehensive volume (who share their own parenting experiences along the way) are assured and reassuring experts.