cover image Where Angels Fear to Tread

Where Angels Fear to Tread

Thomas E. Sniegoski. Roc, $14 (288pp) ISBN 978-0-451-46314-2

The pedestrian third novel in Sniegoski’s Remy Chandler series (after 2009’s Dancing on the Head of a Pin ) finds the Seraphim-turned-PI drawn into the case of a missing little girl with prophetic gifts. Also searching for the child is the biblical character Delilah, now cursed to endless life without love. Naturally, the blind but still powerful Samson also gets drawn into the mix, as do the followers of the ancient god Dagon, leading to an inevitable (and interminable) showdown in Dagon’s West Virginia lair. Chandler is a great lead, but the interesting supporting characters take a back seat to the generically villainous Delilah, the blustering Samson, and the missing girl’s bland parents. Fans of Chandler will enjoy his developing character, but there’s little to distinguish the book within the paranormal PI genre. (Mar.)