cover image Star Wars: A Galactic Pop-up Adventure

Star Wars: A Galactic Pop-up Adventure

Matthew Reinhart. Scholastic/Orchard, $36.99 (10p) ISBN 978-0-545-17616-3

Five years after Star Wars: A Pop-up Guide to the Galaxy, Reinhart strikes back with another gorgeous pop-up tribute to Star Wars. Illustrated in the same precise yet painterly style as its predecessor, this offering is divided into five spreads%E2%80%94loosely organized by planets, creatures, evildoers, technology, and the rise of Darth Vader (who gets a light-up lightsaber)%E2%80%94and focuses on the more recent Star Wars films. Thus, characters like Queen Amidala, General Grievous (who launches out from his spread in all his spindly, skeletal glory), and even Jar Jar Binks get their due (Reinhart's unspooling destroyer droid and battle-ready Darth Maul are especially wonderful). Reinhart's books remain a marvel of movement, intricacy, and skill. Ages 7%E2%80%93up. (Oct.)