cover image The Alien Stars: and Other Novellas

The Alien Stars: and Other Novellas

Tim Pratt. Angry Robot, $12.99 trade paper (200p) ISBN 978-0-857-66928-5

With these three exciting novellas, Pratt explores and expands the lively pulp world of his Axiom space opera trilogy. Set after the events of the series, each of these stories gives favorite, and, per Pratt’s own introduction, “unjustly neglected” supporting characters a chance in the spotlight. “The Augmented Stars” finds cyborg engineer Ashok captaining his own wormhole generator–equipped vessel. He and his crew contend with ancient alien artifacts from Axiom facilities and cosplaying space pirates. “The Artificial Stars” sees the bulk of the old White Raven’s crew now officially running the Trans-Neptunian Alliance and faced with a threat to the universe from President Shall’s long-lost twin. In the epistolary title story, alien Lantern risks her life to prevent her own treacherous people from destroying humanity and save the human woman she loves. Pratt packs each novella with enough backstory to bring new readers up to speed, but fans may want to skip the infodumps to find the action. The eponymous finale stands out for its expansive plot and strong voice, but each of these tales delivers the buoyant humor and adventure of the Axiom novels. The author’s fans will be pleased. Agent: Ginger Clark, Curtis Brown. (Apr.)