cover image Bread of Angels

Bread of Angels

Tessa Afshar. Tyndale, $14.99 trade paper (385p) ISBN 978-1-4964-0647-7

Set in Greece during the first century C.E., Afshar’s (Land of Silence) detailed novel tells the story of Lydia and her father, Eumenes, a master at creating extraordinary purple dyes unmatched by other craftsmen. From a young age Lydia has been an integral part of her father’s business, helping with both dyeing and bookkeeping. When Eumenes is trampled by a horse, Jason, a member of the upper class, comes to his aid. After returning with Lydia’s badly injured father, Jason takes an immediate liking to Lydia, even offering to use his successful mother’s name to help the dye business to avoid paying the onerous Roman taxes. But Eumenes is thrown in jail after he is brashly betrayed and Lydia barely escapes with her life to Philippi. With only the dye formula, Lydia must try to recreate the successful business and learn the mysterious teachings of a stranger named Paul whom she encounters. Afshar has created an unforgettable story of dedication, betrayal, and redemption that culminates in a rich testament to God’s mercies and miracles. (June)