Vertigo, Author, Peter Milligan, Author , illus. by Javier Pulido. DC Comics/Vertigo $29.95 (96p) ISBN 978-1-56389-889-1

Bodyguard to the stars Christopher Chance is a kind of extreme actor, who uses makeup and mimicry to transform himself into the people he protects. Milligan's (Enigma) twisted, deceptive work is a humorous tale about fame, betrayal and the Tinseltown wannabes that get left behind. Chance is hired to impersonate an aging movie star who's been targeted by a murdering extortionist. When the threatened actor refuses to pay, the killer strikes, only to discover the able and deadly Chance awaiting him. In the ensuing fight, Chance kills the extortioner. Or does he? The same extortioner is believed to have kidnapped a child star, whose parents hire Chance to find him. In the process of trying to locate the kidnapped teen, Chance takes on the identity of this killer (who turns out to be a nutty failed screenwriter), only to find his own sense of identity, and that of the killer's, merging into one confusing multiple personality. By the tale's end, Chance learns that one never really knows who anyone is. Milligan writes seamlessly and each step of this story sends Chance deeper into a psychological and moral maze. Pulido's spartan drawings are dynamic and accentuate the story's humor and desperation with bold lines and deep shadows, differentiating Southern California's wholesome glamour from L.A.'s sleaze. This installation is a welcome addition to the Human Target miniseries. (Oct.)

Reviewed on: 09/23/2002
Release date: 06/01/2002
Genre: Fiction
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